Does raspberry ketones really work?

Does raspberry ketones really workRaspberry ketones are a type of ‘all natural supplement’ used as a fat burner, which can help people burn fat faster. They’re known as ‘a natural phenolic compound making up the naturally occurring aroma compound within red raspberries.’ Although this compound gives raspberries their natural scent, it’s also known to facilitate fat burning through stimulating the metabolism when consumed in supplement form.

Thanks to these facts, a lot of people use this supplement as a way to boost their metabolic rate. Even though there are facts supporting the supplement’s alleged functions, does raspberry ketones work as an effective weight loss supplement?

Raspberry ketones: caught in a ‘tug-of-war’ between skeptics and believers

Raspberry ketones, as an alternative ‘all-natural’ supplement, face both positive and negative attention from different sources. Regular people, as an example, prefer the supplement as it possibly provides them with an effective ‘booster’ for increasing their metabolic rate.

Nutritionists and other healthcare professionals remain skeptical of its true abilities as a viable health supplement for weight loss. The natural opposition from both sides more or less creates the debate present in the community promoting raspberry ketones as an effective supplement.

These assumptions from both communities do, in fact, drive the skepticism found there. One of the main reasons traces back to its celebrity endorsements. After a feature on Dr. Oz during a March 2012 edition of his television show, people started buying the supplements more than they did in the past.

As it grew popular, it grew more susceptible to criticisms from the health community. Despite that, did the supplement attract enough proper research to debunk and/or prove its intrinsic effects?

The evidence against raspberry ketones as supplements

Raspberry ketones, as a chemical compound, are mainly used as a chemical that gives various food and cosmetic products their raspberry scent.

As a fat-burning supplement, however, the chemical works by helping fat cells ‘break down faster.’ This process happens when the chemical influences the metabolism to efficiently work, allowing the body to convert that ‘broken down’ fat into fuel, promoting weight loss as a result.

Adding raspberry ketones to a regular diet and exercise regime has helped people lose weight faster. Some people, however, think that this supplement merely promotes a placebo effect that makes people assume they lost weight with the help of the supplement.

As an example discounting this, raspberry ketones were used in a study testing obese male lab mice. The rats given raspberry ketones actually lost weight, which proved that the chemical does help break down fat cells.

On the other hand, these results were derived from rats. There are no known human research trials that successfully and directly proved that raspberry ketones affect the metabolism. Many people who have tried the supplement have found varying results, though. Thanks to this, the success rate of the supplement can be more or less measured on a case by case basis.

Some evidence also points at raspberry ketones harboring negative side effects. Raspberry ketones may match too closely to a related chemical known as synephrine. Synephrine can potentially increase a person’s blood pressure and/or heart rate.

Pure raspberry ketones supplements are usually promoted and sold as ‘all natural’ products. These side effects may be primarily attributed to raspberry ketones supplements containing additional ingredients that act as stimulants, such as caffeine and the aforementioned synephrine.

Does raspberry ketones work? The effectiveness of raspberry ketones as a supplement is mainly attributed to how a person uses it throughout their daily regime. Alternative supplements like raspberry ketones should be judged on a case by case basis, since the way these supplements work are ultimately not concrete until there’s sufficient enough medical evidence proving its innate effectiveness for everyone.

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