What is the right raspberry ketones dosage?

raspberry ketones dosageRaspberry ketones are known as a natural phenolic compound making up the aromatic compound found within red raspberries. It’s also found in other berry fruits like cranberries and blackberries. The pure raspberry ketone substance is usually extracted from the berries in quantities of around 1 to 4 milligrams per kilogram of raspberries.

People who want to consume raspberry ketones on a daily basis would have to consume around 90 pounds of raspberries to get the same amount found in regular supplements. As a result, the most effective way to consume raspberry ketones is taking the supplements themselves.

Raspberry ketones are one of several health enhancers found within raspberries. The other health enhancers include vitamin C, beta carotene and anthocyanins. As an antioxidant, raspberry ketones help ‘cleanse’ the body of harmful free radicals. The supplement is mostly known for its fat burning properties, though, thanks to its similarity to other fat burning compounds like capsicum and synephrine.

Raspberry ketones dosage: how much do people really need to take?

Like most supplements, there’s an optimal dosage for people to consume each day—that’s no different with raspberry ketones. A normal raspberry ketones dosage can vary for most people, though there’s an optimal dosage that people should take to get the most benefits out of the supplement.

As weight loss supplements, raspberry ketones generally correlate with how people burn fat and calories on a daily basis. Some health experts have associated a normal raspberry ketones dosage with ‘the total caloric intake that a person assumes each day.’ As an example, at least 1 percent of a person’s total caloric intake could correlate with the amount of raspberry ketones supplements they take.

For another example, a person consuming around 1,800 calories per day likely needs less raspberry ketones dosage than a person who consumes more calories per day. Factors like weight, age and gender may affect a raspberry ketones dosage too, though there aren’t any studies that support that fact, as of now.

The main known raspberry ketone dosages are derived from a 1995 research trial, conducted using laboratory mice on a high-fat diet later supplemented with raspberry ketones. Even though these dosages were first applied to the rats, raspberry ketones health experts later translated the dosages to those appropriate for humans.

Raspberry ketones dosage: daily dosage requirements

According to most health experts, there’s no known maximum limit for raspberry ketones. Thanks to this, the amount a person takes throughout a day may not provide them consistent weight loss results. What experts do know about the ‘true’ dosage requirements of raspberry ketones include these known facts:

  • The minimum raspberry ketones dosage is around 100 mg (milligrams) per dose. Some resources suggest to start taking around 120 mg to start, though there aren’t credible resources supporting this.
  • The maximum raspberry ketones dosage is around 200 mg on a daily basis. Some people may take more, though it’s not suggested, according to many resources.
  • People can actually take up to 500 mg per day to support their weight loss regime, though there’s isn’t any evidence supporting its true effectiveness.
  • People can take their raspberry ketones dosage at select periods throughout the day. The optimal routine starts with one dosage after breakfast and one dosage after an evening meal.
  • People who take raspberry ketones on a regular basis, over a long period of time, see the most effective results. This fact, however, isn’t supported by evidence proving otherwise.
  • Raspberry ketones dosage work best when used as supplements to diet and exercise, as intended. People who take the supplement alone may see results, though not as drastic as those supported by diet and exercise.

Even though there isn’t sufficient evidence supporting its true dosage requirements, people can still use raspberry ketones as an effective supplement for weight loss.

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